When Can I Use My Concrete Driveway?

The main reason Fort Wayne contractors build concrete driveways is so homeowners can use them. But you must wait a small amount of time before driving on it. Concrete takes time to dry and cure, so it must be left alone for a few days after it has been poured. If you know how your contractor completed the work, you’ll better understand why drying is required in the first place.

So How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Using My New Driveway in Fort Wayne:

24 Hours Later – It will take only a few hours for the concrete to harden once poured. Nevertheless, it lacks the strength necessary to last for years as concrete would. The first 24 hours are crucial. During this time, there should be no vehicles, kids, dogs, mail carriers, bicycles, or anything on the surface of your new slab.

48 Hours Later – Homeowners can walk on the new concrete after 48 hours. Scooters, bikes, and toys should not be used or ridden on the new concrete, however, because it could damage it. Essentially nothing other than your family’s shoes or your dog’s paws should touch the surface during this time.

7 Days Later – Your new concrete will be ready to drive on in roughly a week. However, avoid the outer areas of the fresh concrete because it is more prone to damage during this time.

30 Days Later – The fresh concrete will have hardened and strengthened considerably in a month. It is now safe to drive over, walk over, run over, and play on without causing harm to the formation. Heavy vehicles should be avoided at this time since the new concrete may be damaged. The sealant for concrete may also now be used.

It will take around two to four days for your new concrete to be dry. But it would help if you waited until nature has completely cured it. Keep things off of the concrete so that it doesn’t get ruined, and after a week, it will look great. But don’t use it for another seven days.

Fresh concrete on your Fort Wayne driveway may increase the value of your house and help you save time and money over time. Concrete is a popular choice for driveways since it is strong, long-lasting, and appealing. If you want to build a concrete driveway, hire an expert contractor who can guarantee that the work is done correctly.

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